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Back Office System Controller
Back Office System Controller

Back Office System Controller

Item Number: BackO

Your grocery POS system will run smoothly and efficiently with the latest ISS45 System Dual Controllers running the store. Utilized as MFS #1 and #2, we create a unique mirrored data backup system so that the controllers "control" unforeseen circumstances: i.e.., power outages, file corruption, etc. from data loss.  If a controller is taken offline, your store is still fully functioning, so there is never a doubt that your data is protected. Once restored, the offline controller dynamically rejoins with the online system and you are back to a fully, dual functioning "controlled" environment.

  • Our POS back office system controllers are configured to meet the specific system requirements of our customers for processing power, system performance and data redundancy.  We feature Asus system boards with Intel chip-sets and on-board RAID capability for data redundancy.  We feature the latest Intel Core i series processors.  We provide full service and support for the system controllers we sell.