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Item Number: C-Star

Connected Sales Analysis and Reporting, or C-Star, application is made up of four modules:  Report Viewer, the Reporting System, Sales Analysis and the Connected Electronic Journal. A subscription to C-STAR includes all these modules for ISS45.

This is the basic module for anytime/anywhere viewing of key PoS reports.  Connected Services uploads these reports as they are created at end-of-day, and users can then view and print them from the Internet.  Since the reports are kept at StoreNext’s Web host, managers have easy point-and-click viewing of different days and different stores. Comparing to the same date last year, for example, is much easier than doing it from the store itself (if the store even kept reports going back that far…). Since these reports are store-based, these reports do not consolidate across different stores or across time periods — that’s in the Reporting module.

This is a more sophisticated reporting system module with much more power and flexibility.  The Reporting module is based upon raw data (not reports) extracted from the store and stored in the StoreNext Connected Services database. Data is sorted into a large relational database designed for quick extraction and cross-cutting through the use of sophisticated data “cubes.”  These reports are also available for viewing or printing “anytime/anywhere” and are created on the fly depending on the user’s requirements.
Reporting currently available include the following:
  • Sales by Category
  • Sales by Period
  • Periodic Sales Comparison
  • Hourly Productivity Report
  • Store Statistics
  • Business Report
  • Store Revenue by Tender
Sales analysis has been developed to make it simple for Reporting System users to work with both applications simultaneously using the same user interface.  Sales Analysis can retain an item cost per day across the chain — this means that gross profit analysis will be much more accurate than simply using a flat current cost.  In addition, if RBO is present it can use RBO’s sophisticated item-level costing for further accuracy.  Sales Analysis provides the new Sales Count Activity report – here, the user can select how many lines of results (PLUs) to report as best or worst based on several criteria including quantity sold, highest gross profit, cost, dollars and so forth.

The Connected EJ is a part of the Connected Sales Analysis and Reporting application package. The system automatically collects TLOG data and consolidates it into analysis “cubes” for fast analysis.  The StoreNext EJ provides Anytime/Anywhere Electronic Journal access, including chain-wide access for Signature Capture. The StoreNext EJ also can locate Sign-In and Sign-Out transactions, Adds, Loans, Pickups, Cashier Floats, etc..