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Connected Category Analyzer
Connected Category Analyzer

Connected Category Analyzer

Item Number: CatAna

Category Analyzer provides item movement reporting and analysis capabilities for grocers at both stores and at  headquarters. It delivers critical sales and profitability information that owners, managers, store personnel, buyers and category managers need to make decisions that can reduce inventory, increase sales, raise gross profit and create better merchandise strategies. By combining movement and retail price data from the POS system with cost pricing and inventory management systems, Category Analyzer tracks historical item movement, costs and retail by store. Category Analyzer is designed to track item movement by day, week and year. This high level of flexibility enables stores to quickly and easily access information for operations management and decision-making purposes.
• Standard reports
• Ad-hoc query capabilities
• Report sorting and display flexibility
• Export/import to Excel, CSV, HTML, XML and text files
• Drill down analysis