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ISS45 Grocery POS Software
ISS45 Grocery POS Software

ISS45 Grocery POS Software

Item Number: ISS45Groc

 The Premier POS System in the Grocery Industry- by Retalix Channel Partners

ISS45 is the flagship POS grocery solution from Retalix Channel Partners (fromally Store Next). ISS45 offers the power you need to achieve relentless cost reduction and improved business performance over the entire life of the system - day after day, month after month, year after year. ISS45 is the only POS solution that gives you the functionality and flexibility you need in a single, reliable and state of the art system that's competitively priced for independents. That's why ISS45 has earned the #1 market share among wholesaler-served independents and small chains in North America.

Retalix is the #1 supplier of retail technology for independent grocers and small chains. Retalix's mission is to level the competitive playing field between independents and the mammoth chain stores by offering technologies that pass two critical tests:
  • relentlessly drive costs out of your business
  • grow your bottom line through shopper attraction, retention and profitability
American Point of Sale, LLC proudly servers as the authorized Retalix re-seller for Arizona.

ISS45 Grocery POS
Learning to operate ISS45 is a snap. Not only can the keyboard layouts, prompts and screens be tailored to imitate elements of your previous system, but the transaction-specific screens and lead-through prompts enable just about anyone who has ever operated a POS system to feel at home.

ISS45 also puts an advanced redundancy scheme to work, protecting your all-important central point store data. An industrial-strength controller system operates smoothly and is always in control so that system capabilities are maintained, even in the case of hardware or PC failures. With ISS45, no management intervention is required to prevent performance delays. Everything is designed to make ISS45 easy, powerful and profitable from the very beginning. In other words, perfect for you.

ISS45 uses the grocery industry's favorite communication standards. Inside the store, an industrial-standard Ethernet LAN can move mountains of data between the POS, controller and work-station services- no matter where they are positioned. In fact, ISS45 provides so much performance bandwidth and headroom that a high-performance store of 200 terminals- or more- is easily within its capabilities. And yours.

With Advanced Promotions, ISS45's merchandising system gives your store virtually unlimited options for qualifying your shoppers for promotional rewards- and then providing them in a powerful array that's just as rich. Advanced Promotions also links its built-in Member Card system that qualifies individual shoppers for customized rewards based upon points, status or even shopper segments- such as baby, senior or down to individual item or department purchases. Advanced Promotions offers a vast array of qualifiers and possible rewards:
  • Enhanced Promotions- Item or department-level cents, percents, optional pricing, amounts off per pound, special messages, coupons, points and credits.
  • Group Promotions- Enables the same promotions to be taken across various departments and groups.
  • Level Promotions- Add multiple tiers of qualifications and rewards within any promotion.
  • Loyalty- Advanced Promotions can draw on ISS45's Member Card data to qualify a shopper for a given promotion.