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Retalix Back Office
Retalix Back Office

Retalix Back Office

Item Number: RetalixB

Retalix Back Office, RBO, gives complete front-to-back-door control over inventory, pricing, signage and reporting. With instant, on-line access to item tracking and other pertinent in-store information, independents now have at their fingertips the data – and power – they need for real-time decision-making. RBO is fully folded into ISS45’s menu structure so users seamlessly operate both ISS45 and RBO simultaneously; providing high performance price management to its users in all situations. RBO is the most important investment for your grocery POS because there is virtually no risk involved and it is easy to use and implement.

  • Full item file support for ISS45 v7 and v8
  • Client/server architecture offering in-store scalability
  • Powerful and flexible pricing management
  • True cost and profitability management
  • Dependability, flexibility and a full range of features
  • Category Analyzer
  • Multiple Reports Capabilities
  • Seamless components for DSD receiving
  • Multiple methods of item maintenance