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TeamPOS 3600
TeamPOS 3600

TeamPOS 3600

Item Number: Team3600

From standalone point-of-sale to mission-critical applications such as loyalty, merchandising, and customer relationship management, the TeamPoS 3600 meets the demanding needs of today’s retail environment.  The TeamPoS 3600 is a high-performance POS terminal that will grow with your business.  It has a rugged design for high reliability and long life cycle.

  • Processor models available for ISS45:
    • Intel Celeron D thru Core2Duo
    • 1GB to 8GB Memory
  • 100 to 120 VAC / 60 Hz Power Supply
  • Operating System Standard for ISS45: Microsoft POS Ready
  • 13.4" Wide x 19.3" Depth x 5.3" Height