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Item Number: WinEPS

Electronic Payments — it’s not what it used to be. WinEPS/OpenEPS contains your costs while giving you the full range of moneymaking options for ISS45, just like the big chains do.

But with WinEPS/OpenEPS, StoreNext is making sure that independents and regional chains get electronic payments solutions and alternatives that are even better than what the big chains can implement. And with smaller grocers suffering the highest transaction fees, your payback will be that much greater.  To take advantage of the lowest prices, WinEPS can send your credit transactions to one place and debit cards somewhere else. WinEPS even stores your own transaction fee rates and intelligently shifts your transactions to the best processor depending upon the circumstances.
With StoreNext’s close co-development relationship with MTXEPS, WinEPS/OpenEPS is more than just integrated with ISS45. WinEPS releases are now fully planned and coordinated all StoreNext POS schedules, ensuring complete feature-function operability and cross-platform certification before they ever hit the street. Contact your StoreNext Dealer to learn how quickly and easily WinEPS fits into your store. After all your work, it’s important to get paid.