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Grocery POS » Self Checkout » Genesis Self Checkout System

Genesis Self Checkout System
Genesis Self Checkout System

Genesis Self Checkout System

Item Number: GenSelf

 The U-Scan Genesis™ is simple, fast, and efficient while providing maximum flexibility, space-savings, and reliability. The unique design of the U-Scan Genesis makes it highly adaptable to your store’s own requirements— today and tomorrow.
The U-Scan Genesis provides exactly the same functionality as your existing POS software application. This means there’s no duplicate training for your cashiers; what they see at the POS is identical to what’s visible in Direct Mode at the U-Scan Genesis.  Shoppers appreciate the time-saving benefits that self-checkout offers, and retailers typically see a return on investment in 12 months or less. 
  • High Capacity 1-8 Bag with Carousel U-Scan Terminal Configuration
  • Accepts Cash, Coin, Debit/Credit, Cash Back, EBT, WIC, Checks, Coupons and Gift Cards
  • ATM-style "folow me" LED Color Touch Screen Interface with Voice Prompts
  • Multiple language support
  • Non-bar code editor layouts
  • POS style printer
  • Intuitive LED indicator lights that lead the customer to the right device at the right time
  • Space Saving Footprint: U-Scan 1 Plus Bag Scale: 4.39Ft Height x 4.38Ft Length x 2.5FT Wide